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Student Certificates

These certificates reflect accomplishments achieved in Tarot, Meditation, Occult and Esoteric studies while attending the Tarot Study Group of South Eastern Michigan.

Each person listed is authentically awarded achievements by Nicholas O'Donnell,

"The Mindful Hermit", and hand selected as a valued member of the elite esoteric society of the

Tarot Study Group.

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Bailey L. Linderman

+Certified Tarot Meditation Specialist

+60 Hour Tarot Study Certification

+Certified Hypnotist

+ B.S. In Psychology

Bailey deeply appreciates the Tarot and recognizes its potential as a powerful tool for connecting with the subconscious. As a hypnotist, she is passionate about altered states of consciousness and their role in facilitating spiritual growth and self-discovery. Bailey believes that accessing these states can open up new possibilities and serve as a potent source of inspiration during practices such as meditation, chanting, art creation, dreaming, hypnosis, and more. For Bailey, the Tarot is one of the most beautiful ways to tap into these states and positively impact our lives.


Bailey's commitment to the Tarot Study Group has been unwavering since day one, and she remains one of its core members and leaders. She leverages her expertise in hypnosis and esoteric knowledge to help others improve their lives, and her genuine passion for the Tarot shines through in everything she does. Bailey's understanding of human psychology, which she developed during her Bachelor of Science studies, only adds to her skill set, allowing her to approach her work with a well-rounded and holistic perspective.

Phone: (734) 568-4659


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Amy Feger

+ Tarot Meditation Specialist

+60 hour Tarot Study Certification

+Intuitive Psychic

+Shamanic Healer

+Licensed Massage Therapist

Amy Feger was deeply drawn to the study of Tarot due to its many symbolic avenues and sees Tarot as a language bridge for spiritual forces. Tarot was a natural choice to integrate with her shamanic healing practice. From being a channel, to connecting with past life stories and reaching for soul fractions she had integrated her skills with tarot in a unique way that complements her practice. Amy sees tarot as another tool to bring those seeking answers a solution to life's dilemmas. Amy has a background in sound healing and meditation practice, she has now combined her intuitive psychic skills with the tarot to be a Certified Tarot Meditation Specialist, along with a 60hour Tarot Study Certification. Amy looks forward to sharing what she sees through Tarot with others. Amy has a unique perspective on reading the Tarot and is constantly refining her skills to meet the needs of her clients and community.

(734) 639-0156


Kate Kast

+25 Hour Tarot Study Certification

+Displays a deep understanding of Tarot Meditation

+Licensed Veterinary Technician 

+Certified Zoo/Aquarium Science Professional 

+B.A. in Communications

+Bardic-Grade Druid

Kate was drawn to the study of the Tarot as a tool for spiritual development and growth. As a student of reiki healing and crystal energy, Kate has felt the interconnectedness off all life since childhood. In her work as a Licensed Veterinary Technician and Zoo Keeper, Kate has found that the Tarot Study Group has heightened her awareness of small details and the beauty of all creatures. She and her partner Micah have recently embarked on their journey into Druidic Studies, and are growing together as part of the local esoteric community.

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Micah Lonbeck

+25 Hour Tarot Study Certification

+Displays a deep understanding of Tarot Meditation

+Kabbalistic Tree of Life Planning Consultant

+Small Business Marketing Coordinator

+Bardic-Grade Druid

Micah became interested in the Tarot many years ago, and has relished the opportunity to delve deeper into it's study with this group. As a Kabbalist, philosopher, and Consultant, Micah has found the numerous applications of Tarot to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. He enjoys developing his knowledge in furtherance of utilizing Tarot as a tool to help his Life Planning clients to discern their truest desires, and to help them achieve their highest goals. Along with his partner Kate, he has taken the first steps along the Druidic journey, and has already discovered multiple interwoven elements between druidry and Tarot.

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