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The Major Arcana cards of the Yeager Tarot of Meditation show scenes with life-like human figures and are interesting, using a lot of black and yellow, but the minor arcana artwork is of lesser quality.

Bleach white, factory cute still present on the cards.. it's like they just came out of the box and seal from 1975. This deck is vintage, and discontinued because of nudity.. this is the first edition copy and extremely rare and collectable.

This is an original edition of Yeager Tarot Deck of Meditation, originally called "The Tarot" and published in 1975 by Credo Company, Laguna Beach, California. The artwork is depicted as the artist originally intended with nudity of several male figures. This edition does not have the clothed figures of all subsequent editions of the deck. At the time of its printing, the deck was considered a gay-themed deck. Originally published in 1975 by the artist and simply titled THE TAROT, Yeager's Tarot was acquired for publication by U.S. Games Systems in 1983, and renamed YEAGER TAROT OF MEDITATION. However, when Yeager's tarot was released to a mass market audience, some changes were made -- most of the cards that showed male nudity were reworked to clothe the figures on the cards. (Interestingly, the cards depicting only female nudity were left unchanged). If you would like to see a picture, email me.. First Edition. Cards. Near Fine/Box Near Fine. Illus. by Marty Yeager. 5¾" - 6¾" tall.

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Like new

No creases

Minty cards

Vintage tarot

Meditation Tarot by Marty Yeager 1975 Gold Box

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