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Revelation Fortune Telling Cards made in 1919

Over 100 years old.

Gold edges and in the rare brown box



Book Details + Condition: US Playing Card Company, 1919. Cardboard case. 52 cards. Set of 52 playing cards, each with 2 fortunes printed on them. The cards also include circled numbers to be used for certain games. Color illustrations to both sides of each card.


Revelation Fortune Cards are a unique card deck that can be used to play games and tell fortunes. The cards are marked with the regular suits, but each card also includes two "revelations" to be read as part of one's fortune. Published by the U.S. Playing Card Company, 1919. Deck of 52 cards and one joker comes in a celluloid box with a playing card design.


The "Revelation Fortune Telling Playing Cards" is a vintage set of playing cards with a fortune-telling twist. It was first published in 1919 by the United States Playing Card Company.

Unlike traditional playing cards used for games like poker or bridge, the "Revelation Fortune Telling Playing Cards" have additional symbols, images, and interpretations on each card that allow them to be used for divination and fortune-telling purposes.

The deck typically consists of 52 standard playing cards with four suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades), and each card features unique artwork or symbols associated with fortune-telling and divination. In addition to the standard suits and numbers, the cards might include symbols like stars, moons, suns, birds, flowers, and other esoteric imagery.

The deck is designed to be used for various methods of fortune-telling, such as cartomancy, where readers interpret the cards' symbols and combinations to offer insights into a person's life, future, or circumstances.

The "Revelation Fortune Telling Playing Cards" and similar decks were popular during the early 20th century when interest in spiritualism, occult practices, and divination was widespread. Today, they are considered vintage collectibles and are sought after by collectors and those interested in the history of fortune-telling practices.

If you are interested in acquiring a set of "Revelation Fortune Telling Playing Cards" from 1919 or other vintage fortune-telling decks, you may find them through antique shops, rare bookstores, online auction sites, or specialty retailers that deal with vintage playing cards and divination tools.

Revelation Fortune Telling Playing Cards 1919

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