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The "Tarocchino Bolognese Mitelli" is a tarot deck based on the traditional Bolognese tarot system, which is a regional variation of the tarot originating from Bologna, Italy. The deck is inspired by the works of Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, an Italian artist known for his tarot designs.

The "Tarocchino Bolognese Mitelli" deck typically consists of 62 cards, organized into four suits: Cups, Coins, Swords, and Clubs. Unlike standard tarot decks, this deck does not include the Major Arcana cards, making it a unique and distinctive tarot variant.

The artwork in the "Tarocchino Bolognese Mitelli" deck is often intricate and traditional, reflecting the historical style of Bolognese tarot decks from the 17th century.


Tarocchino Bolognese Mitelli by Vito Arienti 1986

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