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     The Tarot Authority

The Tarot Authority utilizes Mindfulness Meditation and Tarot to create an experience that is unique and personal. Here on the website is an an authentic collection of rare metaphysical items that date back as far as the early 1900’s in the shop. 

What the we Offer:

Rare and Vintage Tarot Cards

Mindfulness Classes 

Tarot Meditation Classes



Nicholas’s journey into the metaphysical began when he decided to use mindfulness meditation to better his life. While working with mindfulness, his awareness began to shift and had an intuitive pull to begin working with the Tarot. Applying mindfulness meditation techniques to the system of Tarot, Nicholas has created a one of a kind spiritual system that is presented in a Socratic and objective manner. Using his knowledge of esoteric studies, he is able to help build students a personal relationship with the Tarot through active community discussion and mindfulness meditation. 

Nicholas is certified in the mindfulness meditation system of “Unified Mindfulness” created by Shin Zen Young. See Nicholas's coaching profile here.

If you wish to schedule a private lesson with Nicholas please visit the contact page.

When Nicholas is not teaching, he buys and sells rare and collectable Tarot cards. Each deck is authenticated, inspected and cared for as precious pieces of fine art. Many of the decks are factory sealed and never been touched, as well as limited edition copies of artists such as Vito Arienti, Osvaldo Menegazzi and a plethora of many more options. 

Nicholas is currently writing his first book on Tarot and is set to publish mid 2025.

Free Youtube Classes Here:

The Tarot Authority Online Classes

Nicholas ODonnell Tarot Instructor and Rare Tarot Card Salesperson


     I‘ve been a part of Nick’s tarot study group since the day it began at enlightened soul shop and center. Each week, I look forward to diving deep into a select card we share our collective perspectives on. By learning at this pace in the company of intelligent souls, not only can one fully commit to learning all the symbolism within these cards, but you also truly feel a sense of community.


Of all the ways one can acquire the knowledge of the tarot, this has by far been the most educational, fun, and spiritually intuitive one I have been a part of. 


Not only do we get the pleasure of sharing our thoughts and interpretations of the cards in the course, but we also are granted the pleasure of meditating on the card afterwards. Though this relaxation technique we embark on a journey where we become even more one with the worlds hidden in each card. 


Nick does such a beautiful job of effortlessly allowing everyone’s most authentic questions and inputs to be heard. A wonderful teacher and a wonderful guide. I cannot recommend the experience of this study group enough. Come check it out for yourself! I’ll be there.

Bailey Rae Linderman/Summer/2022

Nick O'Donnell supplies guidance and magnetism to the deep study of tarot. He is very supportive of all views and has an eye for detail. I have really enjoyed his guided meditations that allows one to connect more deeply to each tarot card. Brilliant in his ever expanding understanding of tarot and at the same time open to the collective definitions.


I highly recommend studying with Nick to those looking to expand their connection through collective study and mindful meditation practices.

Amy Feger/Winter/2023

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