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Learning Tarot can be difficult, so why wait? Grasping the concepts of tarot actually tune ourselves to universal truths that are hidden behind the veils of symbolic imagery, color and alchemical thought. Learning every aspect of each image brings us closer to the One Truth that rules our reality, which is what Plato called "The Good". Other systems of thought call this essence, God, Source or The One Thing. Tarot depicts the many faces of Source Power and how its represents itself in our reality and in the spiritual dimensions. Each Tarot Deck has a unique story and perspective to tell about these spiritual forces and laws, this is why owning many different decks is key. When we converse with different decks we are literally conversing with many mystics at once. Using our powers of interpretation and knowledge of symbolic representations we can become attuned to the depictions and stories the mystics are trying to tell. This is how adepts become masters, and neophytes become mystics from the imitation of the inner mind and tarot.

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