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Gold Backs

Made in Japan 1st and only edition

3rd print

The Angel Tarot is made in Japan by Angel Playing Cards Mfg. Co. Ltd. and published in New York USA, by US Games Systems, Inc. in 1980

The cards are collated in the following sequences: 2 of pentacles top card face out followed by the 22 Major Arcana (The Fool, followed by I through XXI) and the 56 Mino Arcana (king, queen, knight and page in the four suits of swords, wands, cups and pentacles, followed by ace and 3 through 10 of pentacles; and ace through 10 of wands.

The precise origin of the cards is somewhat obscure, but resembles a bit the later Marseille style decks.

78 cards (6,4 x 11,4 cm) with a small but very complete 56 pages instruction booklet.

The cards come in a box (12,2 x 13,7 cm). Cards and box are in good condition.

Rare and scarce edition.

Angel Tarot by US Games 1980 Made in Japan

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