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ESP: The Game of Perceptive Skill" is a board game that was first published in 1972 by the Milton Bradley Company. As the name suggests, the game is centered around extrasensory perception (ESP) and challenges players to demonstrate their perceptive abilities through a series of tests.

The game is designed for 2 to 6 players and is recommended for ages 12 and up. It comes with a game board, cards, a spinner or dice, and player pawns. The objective of the game is to move around the board, advancing through different levels of ESP testing, and accumulating points by correctly guessing various symbols or predicting outcomes.

The gameplay typically involves different ESP-themed challenges, such as guessing which symbol is on a hidden card, predicting the result of a dice roll or spinner, or answering questions related to ESP and psychic phenomena.

"ESP: The Game of Perceptive Skill" was part of a wave of interest in paranormal and psychic themes during the 1970s. The concept of ESP and psychic abilities fascinated many people during that era, and this game tapped into that curiosity and fascination.

As with many vintage board games, "ESP: The Game of Perceptive Skill" may still be found through online retailers, specialty game shops, or secondhand sellers. Collectors and enthusiasts of vintage board games, especially those interested in psychic or paranormal themes, may seek out this game for its nostalgic and unique gameplay experience.

ESP The Game of Perceptive Skill 1972

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