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This is really 2 decks is 1

Intricate system that is diverse

The Gaia Matrix Oracle is not a tarot, although it uses a set of 108 cards and falls into the same category of divination system as the tarot, I Ching and runes. This new tool is a practical guide to your living relationship to symbology, creativity, ecology, spirituality, art and bioenergetic awareness. A new form of Deep Ecology, the Gaia Matrix Oracle guides you to the spiritual healing of ourself so that the greening of the New Earth will naturally follow. For use with Cosmic Voices I, II & III meditation tapes and Gaia Matrix Oracle Vol. II: Readings for Worlds, Major Arcana and Symbols manual.

"The work of Rowena Pattee Kryder stands out like a giant among an army of midgets, a brilliant beacon among flickering fireflies of the 'New Age.' The Gaia Matrix Oracle is a symbolic system using characteristically feminine ways of weaving patterns of information together, in a dense, complex, holographic, interior structure." Ralph Metzner, author of Maps of Consciousness and Opening to Inner Light

Allows the reader to receive a thorough understanding and insight into his/her inner/outer situation. Part I is using the oracles. Part II consists of world readings, archetype readings, and symbol readings. Part III has two essays: The Theoretical Foundation of the Gain Matrix as a Reasoning System, and The Structure of the Oracle.

Gaia Matrix Oracle Vol 1: Worlds, Major Arcana and Symbols 1990

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