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Vintage 1980s The Mercurale Oracle Tarot Card Deck

L'Oracle de Mercurale" is a French oracle deck that was first published in 1983. The deck is designed for divination and guidance, similar to tarot decks, but with its own unique set of cards and meanings.Unfortunately, there is limited information available about "L'Oracle de Mercurale," and it may not be as well-known or widely documented as some other oracle decks or tarot decks. Oracle decks, in general, can vary greatly in terms of their themes, artwork, and card meanings, as they are often created by individual artists or authors.If you are interested in acquiring "L'Oracle de Mercurale," you may find it through specialized online retailers, secondhand sellers, or rare bookstores that offer vintage divination decks. Due to its age and limited availability, it may hold particular interest for collectors of oracle decks or individuals intrigued by unique and lesser-known divination tools.As with any oracle deck or divination tool, the effectiveness and significance of "L'Oracle de Mercurale" would depend on the user's connection with the deck's symbolism and interpretation of the cards. If you acquire the deck, take time to familiarize yourself with its cards and explore its potential for intuitive readings and personal insights.

Truly one of the most interesting and fascinating decks I have come across. 42 card Oracle deck. Made in France. Abstract designs with beautiful colors.


This divination game of the future differs from traditional tarots in the sense that it takes up a somewhat old-fashioned original symbolism, bringing more comforting and less intransigent elements in their sentence.
It is composed of forty two mysteries, each having their meaning and their hidden meaning.
For each blade the direction of the oracle is triple according to the position occupied by each blade during the draw.

L'oracle de Mercurale 1983 Sealed

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