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This mystical Tarot deck is a first edition copy of the intuitive Tarot. The deck is still sealed and imperfect condition it comes with a 240 page book and the 78 card deck. Cilla Conway 2006


Using the powerful images in this highly original deck, Cilla Conway shows how you can communicate with your subconscious to develop your imagination and become more intuitive.
Focus on your chosen card, use Cilla's notes as a prompt, and describe as vividly as possible the world you see before you. Then, follow her dialoguing technique to help you unlock your creative subconscious. There is space within the book for you to record your own insights and personalize the interpretations.

Cilla Conway's Intuitive Tarot is more than just another deck: it is a sophisticated tool for self-development. The more you work with the cards the more personal they will become. Your intuitive skills will increase and your tarot readings will become ever more perceptive.

The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway Sealed First Edition

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