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The plastic is starting to fray and decay but the deck remains unopened


Fascinating and very rare set of cards with evocative designs made by Grimaud c.1985. The cards were conceived and designed by Andre Voisin as a tool for self-discovery, self-expression and artistic development. The cards are intended for use by a single person, although it appears in the accompanying pamphlet that games for more than 1 player are possible.

Voisin is perhaps best-known today as the father of “independent” theatre in Morocco, a theatrical movement that evolved in the 1950s and 1960s in the wake of Moroccan independence from France. This theatrical movement combined French traditions that were dominant during the colonial period with indigenous customs and traditions of the Moroccan people. An early version of Voisin’s Jaro cards (a smaller 32-card set) were used for the invention and production of plays during this time of transition and development, and Voisin sponsored workshops in which the cards were core curriculum. In the 1970s, Voisin began to design an expanded set of cards, and that project was completed in 1983. The cards listed here were published 2 years later in 1985. The cards are accompanied by a booklet in English and French that explains how to use the cards, and it is extremely helpful since the Jaro “system” is unique unto itself. Voisin’s goal was to make that system available to the general public.

The deck has 78 cards, numbered 1 to 78, but it is not a tarot set. In addition, there are 2 backed extra cards, 1 that announces the set, and 1 with advertising for Grimaud. The cards are long and thin, measuring 130mm x 53mm, and, with the pamphlet, they come in the original box.

The Jaro by Andre Voisin 1985 Sealed

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