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The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot by Sandra Tabatha Cicero

1991 Used and Opened but the cards are in excellent condition


Encouraged by famed occultist Israel Regardie himself, this tarot deck is a visually stunning, sensual deck that skillfully blends the descriptions given in Golden Dawn initiation ceremonies with traditional tarot imagery.From its inception 100 years ago, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn continues to be the authority on the initiatory and meditative teachings of the Tarot. The Golden Dawn used certain cards in its initiation rituals. Now a deck incorporates all of the temple symbolism needed for use in the Golden Dawn rituals.

Meditation on the Major Arcana cards can lead to a lightning flash of enlightenment and help you on your spiritual path. It is for anyone who wants a reliable Tarot deck that follows the Western magical tradition.


The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot 1991

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