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Tarot Reading Lessons in Ann Arbor, MI

Tarot Class Minor Arcana Starting 4/23/24

Understanding Contemporary Tarot:

Learning the Minor Arcana through The Hermetic Tree of Life

                       In Person Class


Every Tuesday @ 6:30 $20

  • 10 Week Class

  • 4 Cards per class going in numerical order 1-10

  • Preregistration Required with at least 50% of payment to reserve spot

  • $200 total for class, $20 per session break down


The origins of the Tarot are deeply intertwined with the Hermetic Kabbalah, an ancient mystical tradition. Despite arguments to the contrary, these time-honored systems retain their relevance, embodying timeless universal forces that persist through the ages.

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot corresponds with the structure of the Hermetic Tree, enhancing the comprehension of its numerical values. This class will delve into the positioning of the Minor Arcana on the Hermetic Tree of Life, and explore how insight into the sephiroth—spheres associated with divine energies—and their related planetary influences can simplify and enrich the practice of tarot reading.

Class Held at The Enlightened Soul Center in Ann Arbor MI.

Please contact Nicholas @ 734 299 6472 or email

Many payment options available cash app, Venmo, or card.

Please contact Nicholas for registration and payments

Cash App $nicksvictorygardens

Venmo @Nicholas-ODonnell-6


(Late Registration is OK, but there will not be any make up sessions for late enrollment and price stays the same) 


Minor Arcana Tarot Class - 10 Weeks (

General Description of Classes

By combining the use of deep study of the Tarotic arts, meditation and community we can better understand ourselves and each other. The Tarot is a key to the subconscious, just as all intuitive and mystical tools. This group is intended to provide a support group and community for those who so chose to use the Intuitive, Metaphysical and Mystical Device. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Private Lessons Only


Mindfulness meditation was originally called vipassana. Vipassana was the supposed meditation practice that The Buddha did to become enlightened. Mindfulness meditation is basically getting in touch with how we experience and sense the world through seeing, hearing, and feeling. In the system of Unified Mindfulness, we utilize three core skills: concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity. Applying these three core skills to our sensory categories of seeing, hearing, and feeling, our experience of what being Human is becomes enhanced or “enlightened”. 


Mindfulness meditation has been proven to lower anxiety, increase happiness, and just bring more fulfillment to life. Science is just now catching up with what the meditation community has been claiming for thousands of years: meditation is healthy! Mindfulness meditation is also useful for metaphysical and intuitive work such as channeling or tarot reading, because when we can better understand how we're sensing and experiencing a situation, we can better communicate how the reading or the intuitive work is going or understood to others.


Using the three core skills of sensory clarity, concentration and equanimity we explore our experiences of seeing, hearing and feeling. We distinguish inner experience from outer experiences which allows us to be more clear about how we are using the mediation for metaphysical work and communication. Each class will focus on one specific technique every two weeks so the student feels equipped to be able to practice at home. 




Mitchell Riesterer

"Nicholas is a very fine instructor. His motivation for Tarot study is a source of inspiration to those with whom he shares his skill. Nick is very personable and kind. His compassionate character is admirable. I enjoy being a part of the Tarot journey with Nick. 

Simply browsing his website will sate the imagination of an inquisitive soul for at least a day or two. His offerings are diverse, and it is easy to see that he might have something for everyone by now."

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