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An out-of-print, first modern edition from 1964 of The Brotherhood of Light (Egyptian) Tarot Cards, from The Church of Light (Los Angeles). From the box: These tarot cards are no playing cards; but they primitive symbolical pictograph writing through which Egyptian Initiates conveyed spiritual conceptions derived from a still more remote past. The detailed interpretation of each symbol, and a complete exposition of the spiritual doctrine, together with instructions for use in divination may be had in the book The Sacred Tarot by C.C. Zain.

"Brotherhood of Light" is not a specific tarot deck; rather, it refers to a metaphysical and esoteric organization founded by C.C. Zain (pseudonym of Elbert Benjamine) in the early 20th century. C.C. Zain was a prolific writer and occultist who established the Church of Light and the Hermetic Order of the Brotherhood of Light.

The Brotherhood of Light focused on teaching various occult and esoteric subjects, including astrology, tarot, alchemy, and other spiritual and metaphysical topics. One of their notable contributions to the field of tarot was the development of the "Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot."

The "Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot" is a tarot deck created by C.C. Zain and his associates based on ancient Egyptian symbolism and esoteric principles. It follows the traditional structure of tarot with 78 cards, but its artwork and interpretations draw heavily from Egyptian mysticism and spirituality.

This deck, along with the teachings of the Brotherhood of Light, has been influential among practitioners of Western esotericism and tarot enthusiasts interested in exploring tarot's connections to ancient wisdom and symbolism.

If you are interested in the "Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot" or other works related to the teachings of the Brotherhood of Light, you may find books, study courses, and materials from the Church of Light or other sources that continue to carry on C.C. Zain's teachings and legacy.

Brotherhood of Light 1964 Sealed

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