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6 Series class at ESC. 

These 6 classes will consist of basic tarot knowledge and make students confident on doing 3-5 card reading spreads. The first class will consist of some basic theory on the elements and how they express themselves in the tarot, then will proceed on to the first 3 major arcana. The objective of the 6 week course will to help students work through each major arcana card by “taking the fools journey.” Every class will consist of about 1 hour of learning, and 1 hour of reading practice. This class is intended for a beginners, those who wish to become apart of the ESC community or those who want a bit more reading practice. This is a great class for family, friends, and anyone who wants to feel a community.

              All students must preregister for the class series and if an absence occurs there will be one make up class opportunity over zoom. Students are encouraged to bring their own deck that they wish to read with, although decks may be provided for those that need them or those who want to purchase one. We will be basing the studies off of the Rider Waite deck but the teachings will be applicable to any deck.

Tarot 6 series class

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