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Absolutely stunning gold Dali Tarot

Mint condition, no bends in cards at all

Never used, Real Gold Edges and Trim 14k gold 1984 edition


The Dali Universal Tarot was purportedly created by Salvador Dali himself, as a commission in the 1970s. The 78 card has been published in two editions: the rare gold enhanced version and now this less pricey and more obtainable edition from Taschen.

Extremely rare and long out of print, The Salvador Dali Universal Tarot is packaged in a deep red/burgundy velvet slipcase with gold lettering and signature on the front. It is an incredible deck for historians, art lovers and collectors. Originally published in 1997 the set was selling for a regular retail price of $100 at that time. It comes with an instruction book with English, French, Spanish and German languages and provides brief descriptions of the Major Arcana, hinting at alchemical symbolism. The deck of cards is a full set of 78, each card is in color with full gilt edges with Dali’s signature surrealist vision and coated with liberal amounts of gold ink. The cards themselves are larger than standard and measure about 3 by 5 inches each.What also makes the cards unique is that the Major Arcana have English and Spanish titles. For example, Card II reads “The High Priestess” at the top of the card, and “La Sacerdotisa” on the bottom of the card. Card back design is a continually repeating Dali signature. Dali chose a self-portrait to portray The Magician. The Major Arcana bear English titles on top and Spanish titles below, each upon a broad, gold band, and are numbered I through XXI from The Magician to The World. Justice is numbered VIII and Strength is XI. Hebrew letters are assigned to the cards starting with Aleph at the Magician through Resh at Judgment, and Tau is assigned to The World. The Fool is unnumbered and the Hebrew letter Shin graces the top band. Planetary and Zodiacal associations are somewhat different from those found on many modern decks. For instance, The Empress is Earth, Temperance is Aquarius, and The World is Taurus. This collection of 78 masterpieces means being the owner of a jewel of contemporary painting, created by the most extraordinary painter of our times. This set is a rare collectable and should be purchased by someone who appreciates its cultural and historical significance, and who understands that it will undoubtedly continue to go up in value over time and should be handled and preserved with great care. The velvet outer box shows signs of wear from being stored for many years. All cards are in immpecable condition and were only handled for photographing


Tarot Universal Dali 1984 Gold Velvet Box

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